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Rest & Rejuvenate Wellness Retreats are available at my beautiful villa on gorgeous Bulls Bay Beach in Hanover, Jamaica. 
Retreats are from October to the end of March and are personalized for your group.  Please contact me for more info if you are interested and we can put together something that perfectly fits your needs..  Some details and photos are on the main page.


Waterfront Seaglass Villa . . . Rest . . . Reconnect . . . Rejuvenate

Set on 3 1/2 acres in Hanover Parish, Jamaica, Waterfront Seaglass Villa is in a very convenient location, right between Montego Bay and Negril. 

The beautiful Caribbean Sea is so close that you can hear the waves rolling in and the views from everywhere on the property are breathtaking.


It's the perfect spot to just BE while you rest, reconnect and rejuvenate.

Whether you are looking to get away on your own or you are planning a wellness vacay with your partner or with a few friends, we got you.  

We offer personally tailored wellness packages to meet you where you are at and acoomodate the experience you are looking for.  Have a look at the different options  for details on the packages we offer.

Regradless of how you choose to spend your time with us, you are guaranteed beautiful surroundings, top notch hospitality, delicious food and a beautiful room with very clean and comfortable accomodations. 


IMG_3267 (1).jpg

Rest and relaxation gives us the time we need to destress, reflect, and gain clarity within.  Which then leaves us feeling more confident and better able to deal with life and make decisions that are in alignment with what we want for ourselves.

This is why 'Rest & Rejuvenate Retreats'  and the beautiful surroundings in Jamaica are the perfect solution to destress.


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